It’s an affordable childcare that doesn’t compromise the level of
care my child receives.  Holly Kiddie College is very structured, and
I like that. After my son started attending HKC, three days a week,
he was potty trained after the first week. Since beginning HKC
preschool my child can now count to ten, knows all of his colors,
and can recognize all the letters of the alphabet.
HKC has taught my son how to interact with other children in an
appropriate manner. He has learned how wait in line and take his
The staff at HKC is always professional and informational. On a
daily basis, the staff informs me of my child’s daily tasks, and they
keep me up to date on how he is doing and behaving.
I love taking my child to Holly Kiddie College. My child has been in
the program for 6 months, and he has grown intellectually and his
personality has blossomed.

Thank you HKC
The staff is excellent!
My kids are always coming home happy, talking about what they
did, singing songs, and letting me know what they learn in a day.  I
couldn’t be happier about it!  They go as far as to play “daycare”
and it is comforting to know that they are comfortable being in a
situation as well as enjoying it. As a working mom I somewhat feel
bad having them go to a daycare but since it is necessary I couldn’t
imagine having a better experience anywhere else…. THANK YOU!!
They make their daycare a home away from home. They show so
much care and love for your children, somewhere that you don’t
have to worry all day about them. Holly Kiddie College is the
greatest place. They do fun and learning activities throughout the
day. They do not pick favorite children and treat all children the
same.  My child started when she was 2 years old and she is now 5.
We moved to Flint two years ago and I looked at other daycare
facilities, but there was not one that could replace Holly Kiddie
College. I choose to drive out of my way so that my child is in a
lovable, safe, learning place. Holly Kiddie College is my number 1
choice for daycare.
I like to bring my child to Holly Kiddie College because;
I was searching for daycare to be flexible with my hours and to also
be clean. The Staff would also have a good attitude towards my
son and the children there. When I first came to the center I felt at
home with the staff along with the building in a whole. I felt My Child
would be comfortable. I also like the fact that a family owns the
daycare. It seems to me that the mom and dad have a close
relationship with their daughter, Rhonda and that shows in how the
Daycare is run. Most of all the staff at the daycare is very good with
my son and that shows every night I pick him up from there and he
gives them a hug goodbye.
This is why I choose
Holly Kiddie College.